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Chandler tells the other five that he’s broken up with his girlfriend, claiming that he found her nostrils too big. The guys find it bad that he breaks up with girls over the most superficial things. Rachel and Monica’s downstairs neighbor Mr. Heckles knocks at the door to tell them to quiet down (although the guys are perfectly decent in volume). After they send him away, he begins to knock at their floor from his ceiling with his broom, to which they respond by stamping on the floor. After a little time, he stops hitting with the broom – in fact, he stops doing pretty much anything, as he’s found dead.
Everyone scoffs at Phoebe when she yells at Mr. Heckles’ soul, but when she brings up the evolution theory as one of the things she doesn’t believe, Ross takes it on a personal level. She keeps badgering him with questions to which he gives abundantly detailed answers, but she still won’t believe him. Meanwhile, Heckles’ attorney shows up and executes his will, which basically entitles all of his material stuff to the girls.
Most, if not all of this stuff, is trashy toys and furniture which Monica finds tacky, but which Rachel adores. The two raise an issue of whose apartment they live in – Monica still believes it’s her apartment, while Rachel thinks that it’s become hers too and starts to decorate it with a seashell lamp of Heckles’. However, Chandler starts looking through some books and realizes how much in common he and Heckles have, which starts to freak him out. The more he reads, the more Chandler bums on this, until he arrives to the point where he thinks he and Heckles are the same person, especially after finding a “Big Book of Grievances” containing all of Heckles’ dates and the stupid reasons for which he broke up with them.
Ross comes over with a briefcase of fossils to show to Phoebe, but she doesn’t even let him start. This time, she brings up an argument which Ross doesn’t know how to face, and when he can’t give her an answer, she thinks he’s a hypocrite for caving in his beliefs. He leaves, unaware that all of this is just a ruse of Phoebe’s to freak him out about his area of knowledge. Just as the girls are to go out, Monica breaks Rachel’s new lamp, making Rachel think it’s Monica’s revenge.
Totally frightened of ending up alone like Heckles, Chandler calls Janice in desperation, but when she meets him at the coffeehouse, it’s a married Janice, and to cap it all, she’s pregnant. Due to this, Chandler can’t get back with her, but the girls make him realize how he’s growing up and becoming ready for a commitment, to which he replies with a shocked: “Whoa, don’t know about that!”
As the friends clear the last of Heckles’ possessions out of his room, Monica makes up with Rachel by giving her the girly clock she wanted from Heckles’ apartment. Chandler comes into the room to announce that he has asked out a girl whom he initially avoided because of her large head, saying he won’t let those things bother him anymore, and decides to keep Heckles’ yearbook, as they share something in common. The friends seem to have sympathy for their late elderly neighbor and after the other five have left, Chandler takes one last look around his empty room, leaves his broom by the door, and says “Goodbye, Mr Heckles…we’ll try to keep it down”.
While on a date the next day, Chandler realizes that at the end of the day, he’s still Chandler – as he can’t stop freaking out about his date Alison’s big head. However, strangely, he finds himself not only intimidated by her big head size, but also liking it.

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– Lần 1: Xem KHÔNG phụ đề. Đến đoạn nào quá khó hiểu, không thể hiểu bạn nên tua lại xem. Nếu vẫn không hiểu hãy dừng hình và để ý hình ảnh và thử đoán.
– Lần 2: Xem với phụ đề và ghi chú lại những từ/cụm từ/cấu trúc bạn cho là hay. HAY ở đây là gì? Đó là những cách dùng mà bạn không tưởng, đó là văn nói, khác hẳn văn viết mà bạn thường gặp. Có một cuốn từ điển bên cạnh và một quyển sổ sẽ là công cụ tốt giúp bạn hiểu và ghi nhớ.
– Lần 3: Xem lại với không phụ đề. Không nhất thiết là ngay lúc đó, vì có thể bạn thấy hơi nản khi ngồi xem quá nhiều lần. Hãy để nó sau 2-3 ngày xem lại và xem những gì mình đã học còn được bao nhiêu.

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