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Having decided to tell Ross Geller that she loves him (continuing from The One Where Rachel Finds Out),Rachel Greene goes to the airport to wait for him with a bunch of flowers. But Ross is not alone – he has a new girlfriend, Julie, whom he met in grad school and connected with in Beijing. Rachel is crushed by the sight of her and tries to leave the airport, but falls off the waiting chairs and makes her escape more noticeable to the two, who spot her and greet her. Out of embarrassment, Rachel tries to make nice with Julie by pretending that her flowers are for her.
Back at Monica’s, the guys are waiting for Rachel and Ross to arrive from the airport. Monica notices the guys’ new haircuts, which Phoebe did for them. Rachel arrives out of breath and tries to give everyone the heads-up about Ross, but does not make it in time and Ross and Julie make their entrance. Knowing her intentions when she left for Ross’ arrival, the friends could not help but empathize the difficulty of Rachel with the new situation. Rachel asks Chandler to talk with Ross as to get an explanation of how everything happened and how it’s going with Julie, but he can only worsen her feelings because Ross confirms that he’s having a great time with Julie. When he starts receiving phone calls from her at Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Rachel can’t handle the situation anymore and gets out of the apartment – to do what, nobody knows.
The next morning, Rachel reveals what she did last night – an Italian guy named Paolo who is slightly too familiar to everyone. Ross is not too happy to see Paolo again, and is even less amused to hear from him what he was doing (“I do Raquel”), but doesn’t tackle the subject further. Meanwhile, Monica talks Phoebe into doing her hair; unlike the guys, however, Phoebe messes up the hairdo by confusing Monica’s haircut wish Demi Moore with male actor Dudley Moore, giving Monica a mannish cut. Phoebe describes what she did to her to the guys, and makes Ross see her first to try and comfort her. Joey takes the opportunity to talk to Rachel about how she’s feeling, and makes her see sense by making her go for Ross, and how she should make the ten years he’s been in love with her more than the two weeks he and Julie have spent dating.
Chandler, who needs some new clothes, goes to Joey’s tailor, Frankie, who grabs Chandler by the crotch to “measure the in-seam”. Chandler, however, is highly uncomfortable with his and tells Joey about it, describing Frank as “a very bad man”. Joey laughs Chandler off by telling him that it’s how tailors measure pants, but Chandler and Ross make Joey reflect on it. Joey remains in shock. Rachel finally talks to Ross about Paolo and how last night was just a fling. Ross gets his feelings for Paolo (“I think the guy’s scum”) off his chest. He talks to Rachel how he thinks she should be with someone who considers himself lucky to have her – like he is with Julie. When she hears this, Rachel has nothing more to say to him, realizing that Ross is truly happy with Julie. She comes in to find Joey calling his father to explain correct pant-measuring procedures.
Phoebe asks Rachel how Andie MacDowell, who Julie asked the former to cut her hair like, wears her hair. Rachel gets her revenge by describing Andie MacDowell as “the guy from Planet Of The Apes”.

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– Lần 1: Xem KHÔNG phụ đề. Đến đoạn nào quá khó hiểu, không thể hiểu bạn nên tua lại xem. Nếu vẫn không hiểu hãy dừng hình và để ý hình ảnh và thử đoán.
– Lần 2: Xem với phụ đề và ghi chú lại những từ/cụm từ/cấu trúc bạn cho là hay. HAY ở đây là gì? Đó là những cách dùng mà bạn không tưởng, đó là văn nói, khác hẳn văn viết mà bạn thường gặp. Có một cuốn từ điển bên cạnh và một quyển sổ sẽ là công cụ tốt giúp bạn hiểu và ghi nhớ.
– Lần 3: Xem lại với không phụ đề. Không nhất thiết là ngay lúc đó, vì có thể bạn thấy hơi nản khi ngồi xem quá nhiều lần. Hãy để nó sau 2-3 ngày xem lại và xem những gì mình đã học còn được bao nhiêu.

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