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Chandler wants to break up with Janice, but he is reluctant to because of the awkwardness. Phoebe offers to break up with her boyfriend Tony at the same time to make it easier.
Rachel is in a bad mood because her father has offered to give her a Mercedes if she goes home to Long Island, and is ignoring the fact that she is independent now.
An ex-girlfriend of Joey’s, Angela, comes into the coffeehouse, and Joey is instantly attracted to her again despite being the one who broke up with her, so he decides to go over and talk to her. However, she tells him that she is now dating a guy called Bob. In an effort to go on a date with her, Joey suggests that they go on a double-date, her with Bob, and him with his ‘girlfriend’Monica.
Rachel plans to do laundry that evening, and Ross, eager to spend time with her, pretends that the laundromat in his building is rat-infested so that he can join her. Luckily for him, Monica won’t be going to the laundromat because of her ‘date’ with Joey. Chandler points out to him that he and Rachel are practically going on a date, so he advises him to not take his underwear to the laundromat because he doesn’t want it to be dirty the first time Rachel sees it.
Joey tells Monica that Bob is Angela’s brother, and that she will be the one on a date with him. At the restaurant, she discovers that Joey has never met Bob, and starts to panic about it being a completely blind date. However, when Angela and Bob arrive, she finds him “horribly attractive”, so she begins to enjoy herself.
Meanwhile, at Central Perk, Chandler waits for Janice and Tony to arrive and is increasingly anxious. Phoebe, however, is calm and composed as ever and remarks on how it is nice that they are doing something together. When he sees Janice, his anxiety turns to guilt, and things go from bad to worse when Janice tells him that her day has been “supremely awful”. While Janice rambles on, Chandler watches Phoebe break up with Tony on good terms, saying goodbye to him with a hug, and cannot believe his eyes.
At the laundromat, Rachel feels optimistic, until a rude, nasty woman (The Horrible Woman) moves the laundry basket reserving Rachel’s washing machine and begins to load her own washing into it. Her excuse for doing this is, “I don’t see suds! No suds, no save, okay?”. Rachel is bewildered and upset about this, and so Ross stands up to the woman and helps Rachel get the machine back. He then teaches Rachel how to do laundry, as she is a “laundry virgin”, and her doing it for the first time is meant to signify her newfound independence.
Meanwhile, Monica is left confused when Bob and Angela tell her that they grew up in different places. Joey quickly changes the subject to prevent them from finding out his plan, then tries to subtly put Bob off Angela by mentioning the strange noise she makes when she eats. He then tries to get Bob interested in Monica by claiming that she is too much for him in bed. In the restroom, Monica’s confusion increases when Angela tells her how good Bob is in bed.
Back at the coffeehouse, Chandler attempts to dump Janice, but he is drinking too many espressos so he cannot get the words out. When he eventually manages to blurt it out, Janice is on the verge of crying.
Rachel tells Ross that if she can do her own laundry, there is nothing that she can’t do. The pair of them are getting along great, but Rachel’s mood plummets when they discover that a red sock got caught up in her white laundry and has turned everything pink. She feels like a failure, her clothes are ruined and the horrible woman reappears to laugh at her.
At the restaurant, Angela is cozying up to Bob and has her hand inside his shirt and is making Monica uncomfortable. She realizes that they are not brother and sister and decides to leave, until Joey convinces her to stay and help him break Angela and Bob up.
An over-energized Chandler is continuing his mission to break up with Janice, but he accidentally flails his hand outwards and hits Janice in the eye. Phoebe tries to calm him down, but she realizes that he can’t break up with Janice, so she goes over and does it for him. Janice leaves Central Perk, but not before smiling and waving at Chandler.
At the laundromat, the horrible woman steals Ross and Rachel’s cart, but Rachel finally stands up to her and, feeling victorious, kisses Ross. In shock, he bangs his head on the door of a washing machine and falls over.
The closing credits feature Phoebe admiring Rachel’s “idea” of dying all her clothes pink and making everything match. Monica and Joey return, triumphant because they successfully broke up Bob and Angela. Rachel asks where Chandler is, and Phoebe responds that he needed time to grieve, before looking out of the window to see Chandler running up and down the street yelling, “I’m free!”

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– Lần 1: Xem KHÔNG phụ đề. Đến đoạn nào quá khó hiểu, không thể hiểu bạn nên tua lại xem. Nếu vẫn không hiểu hãy dừng hình và để ý hình ảnh và thử đoán.
– Lần 2: Xem với phụ đề và ghi chú lại những từ/cụm từ/cấu trúc bạn cho là hay. HAY ở đây là gì? Đó là những cách dùng mà bạn không tưởng, đó là văn nói, khác hẳn văn viết mà bạn thường gặp. Có một cuốn từ điển bên cạnh và một quyển sổ sẽ là công cụ tốt giúp bạn hiểu và ghi nhớ.
– Lần 3: Xem lại với không phụ đề. Không nhất thiết là ngay lúc đó, vì có thể bạn thấy hơi nản khi ngồi xem quá nhiều lần. Hãy để nó sau 2-3 ngày xem lại và xem những gì mình đã học còn được bao nhiêu.

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